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Twenty-two years of continuous service, and still going strong!

This is a male friendly site all about MALE-to-MALE touch.

Here is where men can click through pages and learn about a technique so far advanced,
its not called a massage.

As you  check out the site,  you will find straight talk about male-to-male touch. It's galaxies apart from being just another ordinary male massage! Instead it's a superbly delivered service that will, for a couple hours, take you out of the whirlpool of stress and bad news, and propel you into the land of pure bliss and harmony. Check out everything here at The Body Fantasy. Its the male--to--male touch service that has enhanced the lives of men primarily from Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois since 1995. But men come from everywhere to experience this very special technique, guaranteed to put a smile on every man's face. Nothing fancy here, just stuff all men like to hear. And, there are no annoying google ads, no cookies and no tracking. You are totally safe visiting this site.

Thank you for joining us, and enjoy the site.
Your hosts, Jim & Eric



What is Visual Sensation

This is my engineered feature to enhance your sensual pleasure. Lie under psycadelic moving images, projected from two overhead monitors, during your fantasy. Each visual image is designed to take your senses to their maximum, and send you into a universe of feeling you have never experienced. Come and experience all of your senses being stimulated at one time. You will not find this unique environment anywhere else. Click the Facilities tab for details. 


Want to Join Our Team?

Are you between 18 and 28? Do you have a thinner or twink style body? Would you like to do what Eric and I do? If so, I am looking for a young man who has a passion to serve his fellow man doing what Eric and I do. I need someone who wants a challenge, an opportunity to learn the most powerful male to male touch technique on the planet, and apply that technique to clients. It's a part time thing. It could be a fill in to your other job. The schedule is flexible. If you think you are that guy, then click the button below and tell me a bit about yourself. I'll get right back to you, and we can sit down and talk.


You Can Get It Back

Men everywhere are discovering that what they were robbed of at birth is a very important part of the their sex lives. The world wide trend is getting back what they lost, at least in function. If you have an interest in getting it back, hit the button below. There you will find some of the most interesting and unique products for restoring foreskin. Want to discuss foreskin restoring with me? And, even get a demo of the products? Just put a note in your sketch box and I'll be glad to tell you what I know about this method of restoring foreskin.




Want that smooth look?

One of the included options when you book a session with Jim, is manscaping. This service is becoming quite popular, and many men are taking advantage of the service and getting smoothed up down there. Or, anywhere. Jim has done hundreds of manscapes, and he is no stranger to the technique. So, guys, if you have been thinking about getting the smooth look, and you shudder thinking about tackling the job alone, then request manscaping on the appointment request form, and you got it. Want full body smoothing? Jim can do that too. You can lose it all, and be totally stripped of all your body hair. This technique is not waxing, however, and Jim uses tools that gets the job done, including electric groomers, shave cream and razors. This service is only available with Jim.

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